Jan 18, 2021 commercial electrician in Gastonia, NC

FAQs for Commercial Electricians

There’s a lot going on in a commercial business, which can mean a lot of problems being handled on a regular basis. However, to make one area easier, let’s go over common questions commercial business owners ask electrical professionals.

When do I need to call an electrician?

Electricity is not something to play around with, so if you’re not a professional with training in handling electrical systems you should call an electrician whenever a repair or upgrade needs to be done or when a problem arises with your businesses’ electricity or any outlets on the property.

What size electrical system do I need for my property?

In order to determine the proper size your building needs for its electrical system, you will need to have your property assessed by a commercial electrician in Gastonia, NC. The current electricity consumed in your building will need to be measured along with the power needs of appliances. If you have plans to make changes in the future, such as to expand, this will need to be taken into consideration as well.

commercial electrician in Gastonia, NC

Can I do commercial electrical work myself?

Even a simple task can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, so it’s a good idea to leave any and all electrical work for your commercial building to the experts. You’ll also be at risk of violating electrical codes and also of fires and other dangerous situations occurring if you don’t have the proper training.

Is a surge protector necessary?

Surge protectors are highly recommended, as they keep electrical equipment from experiencing surges in power that can cause damage. This is important in a commercial business, where valuable equipment can be lost due to power surges without a surge protector installed.

If you need any more information, contact an electrical company near you.